Florian Carle, Ph.D

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Institute Manager - Benjamin Franklin College Fellow
Suite 436 - 17 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06510
+1 (203) 436 - 9153

Florian earned his PhD in 2014 from Aix Marseille University in France for his experimental work on droplets evaporation under microgravity. During his thesis, he collaborated with the French (CNES) and European (ESA) space agencies to perform experiments abroad the zero-G aircraft where he loved to float in weightlessness with his experimental rack. He then joined the laboratories of Yale SEAS Dean Kyle Vanderlick and Eric Brown, where he developed a liquid dynamo to be able to answer magneto-related questions rising from Earth, Sun, or other astral objects magnetic field studies. In 2016, Florian joined the Yale Quantum Institute where, as the Manager, he creates programing to promote research and teaching of quantum science on the Yale campus, curates several series of talks and workshops, and facilitates scientific collaboration by hosting leading scientists from around the world. Outside of science, Florian is an avid rower, enjoys snowboaring, theater, and spending time with his cat Raccoon.
Twitter: @FlofloFlr