YQI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

In keeping with the mission of the institute to facilitate research and teaching of quantum physics, the YQI Fellowship Program provides funding for recent Ph.D. recipients to join the group of any of the YQI faculty members for a 2-year period. 

YQI Fellows are young researchers who have demonstrated excellent research ability in their prior work and exceptional promise for future leadership in their field of quantum science. They represent the institute and have extra outreach responsibilities to help disseminate knowledge to the larger public.

In addition to generous funding, the fellows are provided with discretionary research fund for the term of their appointment.

A selection committee is in charge of reviewing each application and evaluate the candidates based on the quality of their previous work (thesis and publications) and their potential for original research, within their proposed research group.

Read more on how to apply and modalities for the Fellowship  here. 

YQI Fellows

2018 - Mehdi Namazi (Jack Harris’ group)

2019 - Christa Flühmann (Rob Schoelkopf’s group)

2019 - Thomas Langin (David DeMille’s group)

2019 - Jere Mäkinen (Nir Navon’s group)

2020 - Micheline Soley (Victor Batista’s group)

2021 - Jahan Claes (Shruti Puri’s group)

2021 - Yiyu Zhou (Hong Tang’s group)

2023 - Rodrigo Gastón Cortiñas (Michel Devoret’s group)

2024 - Cedric Wilson (Charles Brown’s group)

2024 - Shouzhen (Bailey) Gu (Aleksander Kubica’s and Shruti Puri’s groups)