MLS (Host only)

The Monday Lunch Seminars are talks given every Monday at 1 pm by graduate students, postdocs and professors from Qulab and RSL (with occasional invitations to researchers from Girvin, Glazman, Rackich and Prober’s groups). These group meeting presentations last around 90 minutes (60 min talk, 30 min questions), and allow researchers to debate, evaluate, and exchange on new ideas in the field of superconductive qubits. A strong emphasis is given to debate and questioning of the results presented.

This seminar is the successor to the “group meeting talks” of the past and has been running for more than 18 years. 

The Yale Quantum Institute welcomes these seminars in our space due to the size of the group (between 40 to 70 people attend weekly the events) and facilitates the logistics (lunch, AV, Zoom links) but MLS is not a YQI Program.

Please contact Luigi Frunzio and Theresa Evangeliste for more information. The list of upcoming talks and the talk archive is available on the Qlab Wiki. The entire content of the Wiki is subject to the policy on Release of Research Results.