WIQI (Women in Quantum Information) Group

The aim of WIQI group is to promote an inclusive environment for women in the field, by creating a platform where young women scientists can voice concerns and seek advice. Moreover, we also seek to increase retention of female students in quantum through activities like lunches, panels and workshops etc.

The activities we would like to have as part of this group are

1. Biweekly lunches with all the women researchers open to female interns, graduate students, postdocs, research scientists, faculty of physics and applied physics. The aim of these lunches is to bring all female scientists together that would inspire each other.

2. Have guided tours for undergrad and graduate students doing advanced quantum mechanics-based courses at the end of the semester. The goal of this event is to expose all students to the research happening on the fourth floor of Becton. Participation will be open to all students (not only females) with the goal of exposing them to the research happening on the fourth floor of Becton, as well as putting women in quantum at Yale in the forefront.

3. Invite women researchers (postdoc/research scientist/assistant professor) for a seminar once or twice in the semester (depending on available funding). Again, the seminar will be open to all students with the aim to showcase contributions to the field by women.

4. Have special lunches when we have invited female speakers to additionally discuss with them climate/diversity based issues at their work place and exchange notes on how to improve the same at Yale.

YQI mandate is to foster a welcoming environment for all its students and researchers, and we are delighted to support this initiative, and offer a permanent location and provide lunch to all the attendees.