Physics Open Mic

Come share your love and enthusiasm for physics at the Physics Open Mic—an informal, bi-monthly lecture series by and for graduate students and postdocs.

You don’t have to be an expert to attend or to give a talk, you just have to be curious! Want to talk about wormholes and entanglement, or about how the new amplifier in the lab works? At the open mic, you can talk about whatever science excites you, and we get to learn! Talks should be accessible to a general physics audience, and the topic does not need to be related to your own research. Of course, there will be food for thought and nourishment!

The open mic is scheduled every other Fridays at 4 pm at YQI. Check out our calendar for the upcoming Physics Open Mic.

For more details or if you would like to present a talk, contact Shruti Puri or Connor Hann.


February 7 - Baptiste Royer: What happens to qubit without cavities? Introduction to waveguide QED

February 21 - Jaya Venkatraman


April 26 - Shruti Puri - The path the quantum supremacy

May 10 - Valla Fatemi - How to confine an electron’s spin while letting its charge flow

May 24 - Yaniv Eliezer - Game of random matrices: A song of physics and math

June 7 - Sal Elder: Alternatives to quantum mechanics

August 16 - Connor Hann: Quantum-inspired algorithms

September 6 - Alec Eickbusch: An introduction to quantum error correction

 September 20 - Aniket Maiti: Keeping a secret from your quantum server

October 4 - Nick Frattini: Practical guide to quantum-limited amplifiers

October 25 - Meike Zehlike: On Human Perceptions of Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making

November 8 - Vladimir Sivak: What is state of the art in machine learning?

December 13 - Daniel Sank: The path to quantum supremacy