Radio Show: Creating the Quantum Corridor in Connecticut

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Quantum mechanics is a theory that even some scientists have trouble wrapping their heads around. But this industry is booming, and some physicists here in Connecticut are hoping to make our state the “Quantum Corridor” for research, workforce development and education.

In May 2023, “the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a $1 million federal planning grant to Yale University and the University of Connecticut toward developing quantum technology related businesses in Connecticut.”

Today, we hear about this project and learn about the future of quantum. We’ll attempt to answer the question: “what is quantum mechanics?” We only have an hour, but we will try our best.

We’ll hear how this field could eventually touch every area of science.


  • Michael DiDonato: UConn Tech Park Business Development Manager, and QuantumCT UConn Project Manager
  • Steven Girvin: Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics at Yale
  • Dr. Brian Sullivan: High School STEM teacher teaching physics, calculus and statistics at the Wooster School, a private co-educational school in Danbury Connecticut