Event recommendations for Quantum Week at Yale! April 8-14

April 6, 2022

Dear YQI Community,

As you know, Quantum Week at Yale (or QWAY!) starting this Friday! I know that 23 events happening during the week might be a little overwhelming, so I would like to share my recommendations based on your interests:
I am new to quantum:

Quantum Reads at Bass Library - All month long
Recommended readings from students in quantum science and librarians to make the subject accessible

Tour of the superconducting qubits laboratories laboratories - Monday April 11 at 10 am
Visit two of our 23 laboratories to see what it is like to work in quantum. 

I want to be entertained:

Sound & Light Show for the release of the “Quantum Sound” album - Thursday April 14 at 8 pm
Come celebrate World Quantum Day with the release of album “Quantum Sound” with a 30-minute synchronized light show on the facade of 17 Hillhouse avenue, home of the Yale Quantum Institute.

Screening of 2013 Indie Thriller Coherence - Friday April 8 at 7 pm
Entanglement is a great tool for quantum researchers, but what would happen if your dinner party gets entangled with another house, and turns out their dinner guests are there to get you? 

I am a quantum researcher:

2021 YQI Distinguished Lecturer - Nathan Wiebe - Thursday April 14 at 12 pm
For the 2021 Prize, YQI welcomes Nathan Wiebe from the University of Toronto in recognition of his groundbreaking work in theoretical quantum computer science.

Physics Club: Quantum matter, clock, and fundamental physics - Monday April 11 at 4 pm
Precise engineering of quantum states of matter and innovative laser technology are revolutionizing the performance of atomic clocks and metrology, providing new opportunities to explore emerging phenomena, test fundamental symmetry, and search for new physics.

I like art & science:

Exhibition Opening: The Quantum Revolution - Handcrafted in New Haven - Wednesday April 13 at 5 pm
Explore quantum science from the superconducting qubits labs and view original artwork from Artist-In-Residence Martha Willette Lewis.

Visualize Science - Quantum Edition - Wednesday April 13 at 1:30 pm
Annual competition for teams of artists and scientists to collaborate and create a conceptual model of a quantum concept

I like to learn by doing:

Hands-on programing: Build your own interference patterns - Thursday April 14 at 10 am
Come join us in this hands-on experience where you can use our software tool to create your own quantum interference patterns.

Quantum Coalition Hack 2022 - April 9-10 
The Quantum Coalition, composed of Yale and Stanford undergraduate students, return for the 2022 QCHack: 24h to solve in teams or solo problems with quantum computers! 

I like business:

Quantum Start: a creative tensions talk - Tuesday April 12 at 12 pm
Undergraduate and graduate students will discuss the brand-new startup ecosystem in quantum computing and the many different roles available now and in the near future
Company Intelligence and Market Research Sources for Quantum - Tuesday April 12 at 10 am
ave you had difficulty locating information about private and venture-backed companies needed for a job interview? This workshop will introduce resources at Yale for finding company intelligence and market research

We have many more events planned during the week! Check out the full program here.

I hope you will enjoy QWAY and take full advantage of the bustling campus life at Yale.
Quantumly yours,
Florian Carle