YQI welcomes 3 new members - Michael Hatridge, Aleksander Kubica & Konrad Lehnert

June 11, 2024
On July 1, Yale will welcome 3 new faculty members working in quantum science who will join the Yale Quantum Institute as Members, growing our membership to 29 research groups on campus. 

Michael Hatridge - Associate Professor of Applied Physics

Michael Hatridge’s research focuses on the use of superconducting microwave circuits as a quantum information platform. In particular, his group will focus on the use of microwave photons as quantum information carriers. They will develop techniques to create, manipulate, and measure microwave light and use it to entangle larger quantum systems.

Aleksander Kubica - Assistant Professor of Applied Physics

Aleksander is theorist interested in quantum information science, in particular the theory of fault tolerance and quantum error correction, and its intersection with quantum many-body physics.

Konrad Lehnert - Professor of Physics

Konrad Lehnert’s group build electrical and electromechanical machines and coax them into exhibiting quantum behavior. They are motivated by asking: “what is the largest and most tangible object that can be in two places at once?” In addition, they seek to use these machines to store, process, and transmit information in an essentially quantum way. Finally, they develop measurement tools for sensing feeble forces and electrical signals at the limits imposed by quantum mechanics.