Yale Science Communication: Call for “Science in the News” mini talks

October 3, 2023

Science in the News is the  annual Yale Science Communication spring talk series where we communicate science at local libraries and community centers in our local New Haven community and beyond!

Speaker Mini Talks

 Sign up for a mini talk here!

We are hosting mini talks on October 10th and October 12th on Main Campus and Med Campus. Please email Renuka Ramanathan at renuka.ramanathan@yale.edu if you are unable to make any of these dates or if you would like more information. The mini talks are casual 5-minute talks, during which you can talk about any science topic of your choosing. We want to get an idea of what topics you’re interested in speaking about and get to know you as a speaker! If you want to talk about it, we want to hear about it! More information and instructions for mini talks can be found on our sign-up sheet. 

Coordinator Sign-Up:

Interested in getting involved with us in a non-speaking role? Then sign up to be a Coordinator! Coordinators provide feedback to the speakers to help them create their talk. In this role, you can also attend the mini talks to learn more about our talk series. If you are interested in this position, please fill out this form and we will contact you with additional information.

For any question, contact Samantha Pagan