Welcome to YQI virtual space!

September 24, 2020

We miss having you in our space! Although a few researchers have been allowed to go back to their office at YQI, our space has been mostly empty. Until today!

We are launching the Yale Quantum Institute virtual space through Gather Town. When you log in, you become a cute customizable 8-bit character who walks around YQI like you would in real life! 

The video below give you a quick overview of how to access the space, and the features of the platform:

We hope this new platform will reduce Zoom fatigue as it will be much easier to drop in and out of conversations without the need for a moderator. We will use this platform 30 min before and 30 min after each YQI event to try to recreate virtually the coffee breaks and lunches at YQI (although YQI virtual space will be open 24/7).

Access link was sent by email to all YQI members. Request access by emailing quantum@yale.edu.