Welcome our 2024 YQI Fellows: Cedric Wilson & Bailey Gu

January 25, 2024

We are delighted to welcome our 2024 YQI Fellows: Cedric Wilson & Shouzhen (Bailey) Gu!

 YQI Fellows are young researchers who have demonstrated excellent research ability in their prior work and exceptional promise for future leadership in their field of quantum science. They represent the institute and have extra outreach responsibilities to help disseminate knowledge to the larger public.

Read more on how to apply for the 2025 YQI Fellowship program here.

Cedric Wilson

Cedric earned his PhD at MIT in experimental atomic physics where he studied rotating quantum gases. Here at Yale he is working with Prof. Charles Brown, leading a new experiment to observe quantum gases in quasicrystalline optical lattices. He is also interested in scientific communication and outreach through video.

Shouzhen (Bailey) Gu

During his PhD at Caltech, Bailey studied quantum error correction. At Yale, he plans to continue developing codes and protocols that are helpful for building a fault-tolerant quantum computer in the groups of Aleksander Kubica and Shruti Puri.