Take part in YQI x Qiskit Quantum Hackathon! June 24 to July 1

June 12, 2020

YQI partnered with IBM and the  Qiskit team to host a digital a Qiskit Hackathon Summer Jam from June 24 to July 1.

A hackathon is a focused, multi-day event where participants work collaboratively to create code-based projects. We aim to bring people from a diverse set of backgrounds, including applied physics and physics, computer science, chemistry, and the arts together to explore improvements and applications of near-term quantum devices. 

This Summer Jam focuses on learning what quantum computers are and how to use them. Using Python, your team will have full week (allowing you to still take care of their other responsibilities) to develop anything from quantum games to quantum circuits to quantum algorithms. You will have the opportunity to run your programs on IBM’s quantum processors. 

IBMers will be available through Slack or video call to act as coaches and mentors during the whole Summer Jam to make sure you are never stuck and keep the projects fun.


• The winning team will get awarded a $500 cash prize.

• Team should be composed of 5 participants max. We recommended a minimum size of 3 participants. We created an online spreadsheet to help you organize your team and find members.

• This Hackathon is open to everyone (high school students, college student, graduate and postdocs…) – not just quantum experts. Only requirements are you need to be at least 16 years old and currently living in the US. You do not need to be affiliated with YQI or Yale to take part. This event is open to the Yale and New Haven Communities at large.

• Hackathons will occurs all over the US at the same time, but you will only compete against the other teams within our community (New England, or just Yale/New Haven if there are enough teams sign ups), so you also have a chance to earn bragging rights, or even meet new friends!

Registration opens on June 17th.  

Hackathons begin on June 24th and will end on July 1st.

If you have questions, or need help, feel free to contact Florian Carle at quantum@yale.edu. I will be your contact point for the logistics before and during the whole hackathon.

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