Designing Artificial Quantum Matter Conference - July 2019 - Spain

October 29, 2018

This multidisciplinary workshop aims to gather experts on different approaches to analog quantum simulations and foment interaction and discussion between the different communities. Keynote lectures will cover approaches based on:

  • Cold atoms  
  • Trapped ions
  • Photons
  • Electrons in engineered potentials
  • Superconducting circuits

Keynote speakers

  • Alexander Altland (Cologne)
  • Reiner Blatt (Innsbruck)
  • Immanuel Bloch (Munich)
  • Jacqueline Bloch (Paris)
  • Tilman Esslinger (Zurich)
  • Steve Girvin (Yale)
  • Hari C. Manoharan (Stanford)
  • Cristiane Morais Smith (Utrecht)
  • Ana Maria Rey (Boulder)
  • Jonathan Simon (Chicago)

In addition to the ten invited talks, we welcome both contributed talks and poster presentations.

Registration deadline: May 19, 2019