Art and Quantum Science - Two Public Events in June!

May 18, 2023

This June, YQI is bringing to you two public events mixing arts and quantum science, part of our ongoing Artist-in-Residence (AiR) program, making quantum science more accessible to all!

Lecture-Concert - June 6 in Barcelona, Spain

Reflections of the Quantum Realm

Former AiR Spencer Topel will perform “Quantum Sound”, the first-ever music created and performed directly from measurements of superconducting qubits, and will discuss how this work was extended in a recent residency at Virginia Tech with a variable quantum oscillator based on a gate implementation of the quantum fourier transform.

4 -5 PM (GMT+2)
Institute of Photonic Sciences - Barcelona - Spain

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Interactive Light Installation - June 23 in New Haven, USA

Beneath the Green, The Quantum

AiR Stewart Smith has designed a human-scaled light installation, in collaboration with YQI researchers and students, that investigates the latest in quantum error correction research—an essential tool in the pursuit of fault-tolerant quantum computing. Visitors are invited to circulate through this interactive forest of vertical illuminated beacons; their bodies acting as proxies for the destructive quantum noise and decoherence that arises within a quantum device as it operates. In response, the illuminated beacons recognize these “quantum errors” and attempt to mitigate them in real-time, illustrated through patterns of light that ripple across the collective. This attempt to resolve observer-induced “error” is driven by actual quantum error correcting algorithms researched and developed at Yale University.

We invite you to traverse our small forest of light, weaving your own path of human error—as we all do—through the spaces between. And don’t fret. Our algorithms can tidy up.

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2022
9:30 - 11 PM (EDT)
International Festival of Arts & Ideas - New Haven Green

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