[QWAY] Quantinuum Workshop for Quantum Researchers

Event time: 
Monday, April 15, 2024 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
YQI Researchers
YQI Seminar Room See map
Event description: 

YQI and QuantumCT are inviting quantum researchers to work with our industry partner Quantinuum on use-case quantum research problems during a day-long Workshop.


This workshop consists of five sections that cover various aspects of the Quantinuum H-Series platform

1. Opening Remarks and Introduction to Quantinuum
This opening section will be to provide context regarding Quantinuum’s involvement in the Quantum-CT initiative for the NSF Innovation Engine. An overview of Quantinuum’s full-stack approach and partner engagement will be provided.
2. Overview of H-Series – Features and Use Cases
In this section, we will highlight the unique features of Quantinuum H-Series trapped ion quantum computers, such as high two-qubit gate fidelity, full connectivity, qubit re-use, mid-circuit measurement, plus some recent new additions. We will also discuss how to take advantage of these unique features and showcase examples of actual circuits that have been run on the hardware.
3. Quantum Error Correction/Detection/Mitigation on H-Series:
Participants will study error correction and mitigation on the H-Series platform, including real-time decoding with color code, two-qubit gates, and circuit construction using OpenQASM, Q#, and QIR. The session also covers error detection via Iceberg code.
4. TKET User Features
This section highlights the powerful features of TKET, Quantinuum’s advanced software development kit (SDK). Among other topics, participants will learn about PyTKET, circuit submission to H-series devices, compilation options, emulator usage with noise models, mid-circuit measurement, and circuit conversion to and from other SDKs.
5. InQuanto Overview and Tutorial
This section details the InQuanto computational chemistry package/workflow. Participants will learn about the workflow and environment through an interactive tutorial.