Spotlight: Victor Albert

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Victor, who successfully defended his thesis on Feb 24, 2017, joined Liang Jiang’s group at Yale in 2011 after undergraduate studies in Physics and Math at the University of Florida where he simulated Fullerene molecules as a research project in computational physical chemistry.

At YQI, Victor worked on the theoretical side of quantum information. It is typical in experimental quantum physics to try to isolate quantum states from their environment as much as possible in order to avoid their destruction (and therefore any loss of information) by external excitations. Victor’s theoretical work allows us to understand to what extent the same destructive environment could be used to control quantum states and their encoded quantum information. By studying the Lindblad master equation, Victor can help predict from the system initial position whether or not it will remain in a quantum state (as opposed to decohering and losing its quantum information). In some cases, as the environment is taken into account in the calculation, the quantumness of the initial state is preserved and so the environment is no longer a bug but a feature! This work allows to take one step closer toward the creation of quantum computers.

Victor will be joining IQIM as a Burke Fellow under the direction of John Preskill in California. In this new group, Victor will work on quantum error correction and wants to find the right balance between abstract and applied.

YQI wishes him the best! 

Fun fact

Victor’s application got rejected from Yale for undergraduate. Wrong call Yale…

Favorite publication

Albert, V.V., Bradlyn, B., Fraas, M., Jiang, L., Geometry and response of Lindbladians, Physical Review X 6, 041031 (2016)

Latest publication

Michael, M. H., Silveri, M., Brierley, R. T., Albert, V. V., Salmilehto, J., Jiang, L., and Girvin, S. M., New Class of Quantum Error-Correcting Codes for a Bosonic Mode, Physical Review X 6, 031006 (2016)

Most cited

Mirrahimi, M., Leghtas, Z., Albert, V.V., Touzard, S., Schoelkopf, R.J., Jiang, L., Devoret, M.H., Dynamically protected cat-qubits: A new paradigm for universal quantum computation, New Journal of Physics 16, 045014 (2014)4.