Spotlight: Sreraman Muralidharan

Sre playing the flute

Sreraman grew up in Chennai (India) and received his Bachelors degree from Loyola college, Chennai. During his undergraduate days, he got interested in theoretical quantum information and published two papers in Physical Review A. He obtained his masters from the Erasmus Mundus program in Europe and worked for a summer with Markus Aspelmeyer’s lab in University of Vienna, which was his first introduction to experiments before joining Liang Jiang’s group in 2011.

At YQI, Sreraman works on long distance quantum communication. For the time being, to transfer large volumes of data between different continents, we use fiber optics cables with repeater stations that amplify the signal and counter signal attenuation. However, these stations are not secured and can be subject to interception without detection. To solve this issue, Sre along with his group, classified quantum repeaters (device required for long distance quantum information transmission) into three generations and performed a detailed comparison between them. Sre introduced novel quantum repeater schemes that can provide high data transmission rates even in the presence of realistic operation errors. This work will lead to a fully secure “quantum internet” where information is encoded into single photons rather than bright light pulses.

Sre will defend her thesis on May 24, 2017. He is currently looking for a postdoctoral position.

Fun fact
Sre got (also) rejected by Yale for undergraduate (get it together Yale!) and likes to play flute during his free time.

Favorite publication
Bennett, C.H., Brassard, G., Crépeau, C., Jozsa, R., Peres, A., Wootters, W.K., Teleporting an unknown quantum state via dual classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen channels, Physical Review Letters, 70 (13), pp. 1895-1899, (1993)

Latest publication
Muralidharan, S., Zou, C.-L., Li, L., Wen, J., Jiang, L., Overcoming erasure errors with multilevel systems,  New Journal of Physics, 19 (1), art. no. 013026, (2017)

Most cited
Muralidharan, S., Panigrahi, P.K., Perfect teleportation, quantum-state sharing, and superdense coding through a genuinely entangled five-qubit state,  Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 77 (3), art. no. 032321, (2008)