Welcome to the Yale Quantum Institute!

You will find on this page all the information you might need to prepare your trip and during your visit. Should you need more information, you are always welcome to ask Racquel Miller or Florian Carle questions by email or drop by Suite 436 at 17 Hillhouse Avenue. You can reach us at (203)-436-9153.


Here is some useful information about traveling to New Haven. The easiest way might probably be to flight to New York’s nearby airports (JFK, LaGuardia or Newark) and we will then take care of booking a car to pick you up and drop you off at the airport of your choice. Please email with your flight information (dates, times location and flight numbers) as we will need this information for the driver. We will process the flight reimbursement immediately after your visit.


We have some suggestions below for you but feel free to tell us if you prefer something else. We will take care of booking the accommodation of your choice. As New Haven does not have an extended selection of hotels, we might not be able to book your first choice if we don’t book it well in advance. 

The Study at Yale  – 1157 Chapel Street – Hotel Downtown

New Haven Hotel - 229 George Street - Hotel Downtown

Omni Hotel – 155 Temple Street – Hotel Downtown  

Amadeus Guest House - Bradley or Orange Street - B&B close to YQI

Piazza Santo Ronan – 216 Saint Ronan Street - B&B close to YQI


Between 8 am and 6 pm the elevators and doors to our venue are open to everyone. We can request a temporary card for visitor if you need to access the building after hours.


A visitor office is attributed to you. You should have received an email from YQI indicating you which office you will use during your stay. On your first day, the office key will be given to you. Don’t forget to give it back when you leave YQI.


Regarding the seminars, they are attended by a very diverse population distributed from sophomore undergraduates interested in quantum information to professors teaching that subject at the graduate level. The duration of the talk is one hour including questions. A light lunch served at 11:45.

You can either use your own computer (we have a large variety of adaptors for VGA and HDMI cables) or you are free to use the YQI computer. We will archive your presentation on our website for internal purposes.

We will get back to you once the seminar date is getting closer to ask for a title and abstract and set up a visit schedule for you.

Internet connection

You can connect your computer or cell phone to either Yale Guest or Eduroam WiFi networks. You would need to approve the conditions of utilization in the first page of your internet browser and then you will be able to connect to the internet.

Printer - Scanner

As the printer is connected behind the Yale firewall, the only way you can print document is to load your files onto a usb drive and plug it directly into the printer. Please always inform us when you replace the toner, so we can order new ones.

You can only send your scanned document to a Yale email address. If you don’t have one, select Florian’s email address and let him know, he will forward you the scanned documents.


You can find stationery in cabinet next to printer. If you miss anything, please let us know so we can order this for you.


You can download the YQI logo from our website here.