Between 8am and 6pm the elevators and doors to our venue are open to everyone.

After office hour (6pm to 8 am) you should use your Yale ID card to have access (resident or long term visitor only). The northern staircase (near the cubicles) will be working 24/7 with id-card only


As space becomes available, you can eventually change of desk. Please email to express your interest to change your desk and indicate which newly free desk you would like. Please not we cannot always grant you your wish.

Conference Room

You can book the conference room 434 for meetings and conference calls. Email to see its availability. You will find HDMI and VGA connection cable inside the silver drawer on the conference table. You can plug the room webcam via usb to any computer. The cable is located on the left side of the screen.

Internet connection

Plug your computer to the Ethernet cable (ask us if you need one) and register your device via NetReg. You can also use the Yale Secure wifi network.

Printer - Scanner

If you are using Yale Secure or the Ethernet network, you can use the printer located in the copy room (across suite 436). In the parameter panel of your computer, add a printer by IP address and type the following IP address: – The name of the printer is RICOH Mp c4503 (let us know if you need more instructions)

Please always inform us when you replace the toner, so we can order new ones.

You can only send your scanned document to a Yale email address.


You can find stationery in cabinet next to printer. If you miss anything, please let us know so we can order this for you.

For post and deliveries

Mailing address (USPS): YQI - PO Box 208.334, New Haven, CT 06520-8263

Shipping address (FedEx, UPS): YQI – Suite 346 - 17 Hillhouse Ave., New Haven, CT 06511

We will tend to bring your packages and letters as they come. However, if we are not around and a delivery arrives, please help by signing and putting the boxes in the copy-room or the kitchen.


The YQI board members have decided that the YQI affiliation should be used in every appropriate upcoming publication. Here are the rules for the affiliation:

  1. Authors should use their primary affiliation first (for most of you, it will be Physics, Applied Physics or SEAS)
  2. When appropriate (i.e., publication is on a subject matching YQI mission, or publication made with YQI fund and/or support), YQI should be added as secondary affiliation as follow:

Yale Quantum Institute, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520, USA

This second affiliation will allow us to more efficiently track your publications and help us in our grant writing/budget allocation for YQI.

Complete rules and a flow chart to decide whether you should use YQI as affiliation can be find here


You can download the YQI logo from our website here.