Launch: QuantumCT Public/Private Partnership For Research, Tech, Jobs

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Some 200 leaders from academia, government, the private sector, and the community gathered Monday at Southern Connecticut State University, for the launch of Quantum CT

QuantumCT is a new public-private partnership committed to accelerating the adoption of quantum technologies in Connecticut and beyond and to positioning the state as a leading hub for quantum-related research, technologies, and jobs, an emerging global market that is forecast to be worth $53 billion by 2028, according to QuantumCT. 

Described as having a “broad coalition of partners” including UConn, Yale, and the state Department of Economic and Community Development, a statewide strategic plan is being developed to “ensure that Connecticut reaps the benefits of new quantum technologies that will come onto the market over the next several years.”

Learn more from Yale, UConn here.

“Our plan is rooted in academic-industry research partnerships to develop quantum applications that are relevant to Connecticut industries, such as aerospace, insurance, finance, and biotech,” the ‘about’ section of the QuantumCT site reads. “We are also establishing a pathway for translating discoveries into actual products that companies can sell or adapt to be more competitive in the global market.”

So what is a Quantum Computer? The Yale Quantum Institute shares a Quantum 101 lesson here.

“Imagine more precise global positioning systems for land, sea, and air. Imagine detecting minute manufacturing defects in microchips or engines before they become dangerous,” the QuantumCT site reads. “Imagine a cryptography code that is unbreakable. Advancements in science and innovation bring us closer to this vision, and the future is within reach.”

The theme of the gathering at Southern was “Imagining a Quantum Future: New Haven,” and discussing the Elm City’s strategic position as a center for quantum-related innovation and investment, with panel discussions focused on economic and workforce development.

Learn more about QuantumCT at and at

Ellyn Santiago, Patch Staff - Full article here.