CS/YQI Quantum Computing Colloquium Series

The Quantum Computing Colloquium, hosted jointly by YQI and Yale CS, is a new speaker series that brings together world-leading researchers to the vibrant quantum community at Yale for an engaging conversation on the latest advances in the field of quantum computing. The series is founded on the idea that researchers across disciplines must work together to unlock the power of quantum computers. As such, these colloquia aim to break the barriers and foster productive conversations among researchers in the broad field of quantum science and computer science. 

Building on Yale’s existing strengths in quantum science and computer science, the Quantum Computing Colloquium aims to provide new opportunities for collaborative research between the two disciplines. This series will be jointly sponsored by CS and YQI, signaling a synergistic alliance of the two. 

This series occurs at noon on the last Friday of the month at YQI. Check out the calendar for the upcoming talks in this series