Postdoctoral research positions - University of Waterloo

We seek motivated postdoctoral researchers to be part of the experimental effort in the 
newly formed Engineered Quantum System Laboratory (EQSL) at the Institute for 
Quantum Computing. The research work will be broadly in the field of 
superconducting quantum circuits, with some freedom for the postdocs to define their 
own projects within the work of the lab. We have a number of ongoing and new projects 
focusing on microwave quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics. In all of the 
projects, we seek to advance the state of the art in quantum technologies while also 
more deeply understanding the fundamental physics that enables these technologies.
EQSL has dedicated equipment for the experiments, include cryogen free-dilution 
refrigerators and microwave electronics. We have access to all nanofabrication tools 
necessary through the newly opened Quantum NanoFab, which is part of the 285,000 
square foot Quantum-Nano Center, newly constructed to hold IQC and the Waterloo 
Institute of Nanotechnology.
IQC, located at the University of Waterloo outside of Toronto, provides a vibrant 
research environment with interdisciplinary researchers coming from physics, 
engineering, chemistry, math and computer science. The Institute is dedicated to the 
advancement and development of quantum information science and quantum 
technology. The environment is also enhanced by our close association with our sister 
institution, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
Positions are available to start immediately, but the actually starting time is negotiable. 
The positions will be 1 + 1 years.
The successful applicant should have (or be nearing completion of) a PhD in a field of 
physics or closely related discipline. Candidates should have experience in at least 
some of the following areas: superconductivity, mesoscopic physics, quantum optics, 
nanofabrication, cryogenics, microwave technology. A high level of proficiency in 
written and spoken English is also a requirement.
Interested candidates should send their CV to Prof. Christopher Wilson at
Friday, April 17, 2015