YQI is closed until further notice + Online Breakfast/Community Check in Videochat

March 16, 2020

Dear YQI Community,

As of today, Monday March 16, YQI closed its doors until further notice. Following the recommendations of the Provost Office and Yale Health is the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

We strongly recommend everyone (students, postdocs, researchers, faculty, and staff) to not come to campus and work from home. Should you need to exceptionally come to YQI to pick up work material from your office, you can access by swiping in, but we discourage you to come to campus for casual visits. Please continue to practice social distancing and other measures to reduce risk of contact and infection.

We understand this period of unknown is stressful. If you feel anxious about the pandemic, Yale Medicine shared advice from mental health experts on how to stay calm amid the coronavirus outbreak.

A lot of members of YQI are not from Connecticut and some international researchers are from countries currently under a travel ban. While limiting travels is an essential way to reduce the spread, we understand it might create some feelings of isolation, exacerbated by the remote work from home. I will host a daily YQI breakfast/community check in video chat, every weekday from 9:30 to 10 am by Zoom for anyone who wants to join to share a hot beverage and chat, to recreate online our YQI Coffee chats in the mornings.

YQI breakfast/Community Check in
Daily - Monday to Friday - 9:30 to 10 am - Zoom Room
https://yale.zoom.us/j/482451523 - Meeting ID: 482 451 523

For any concerns, please know you can always contact me directly by phone at (203)436-9153 (anytime) or by email at florian.carle@yale.edu.

Stay safe and please practice drastic social distancing.

Quantumly yours,
Florian Carle