Workshop on Modern Topics in Quantum Information - Natal, Brazil - July 30 to August 17

Modern Topics in Quantum Information
May 18, 2018

Quantum information theory has experienced a fast growth in the last years, opening a wide range of new possibilities in different fields of research. In order to assemble specialists from areas related by QI the International Institute of Physics of the UFRN will host from July 30 to August 17 2018, in Natal (Brazil), the workshop “Modern topics in quantum information”.

This program will offer a large series of discussions on the main problems of this area, bringing together senior researchers and young students who wish to learn more about quantum information.

The first and second weeks will be dedicated to more specific themes, whereas the third week will have a more broad conference, with a big variety of topics, including: quantum correlations, quantum cryptography, quantum thermodynamics, quantum causality, quantum machine learning, quantum many-body systems, and quantum information-inspired experiments.

Registrations are open until June 30, at, where more can be found about fees, the list of speakers and discussion topics.

The Institute’s events department is available to one interested in participating and can provide assistance by e-mail at or by phone at +55 3342-2249 (ext. 214/215).