Sixteenth Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information

flyer for summer school
January 31, 2017

The Institut Quantique at the Université de Sherbrooke is hosting from May 28th to June 9th 2017 the Sixteenth Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) and the 12th Canadian Student Conference on Quantum Information. The summer school will bring together about 75 international graduate students from physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering in an environment that naturally promotes interactions. Over ten days, students will deepen their knowledge about the exciting and growing field of quantum information science by participating in seminars led by experts in the field. This year, the school will focus on recent advances, such as cryptography in a quantum world, quantum engineering, silicon quantum information processing and quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry. 

Both events will be held in the Centre de Villégiature Jouvence, a 194-acre site on the shores of Lake Stukely in Mont-Orford National Park, Québec. Known for its warm hospitality and excellent food, Jouvence is a great place to learn and enjoy outdoor activities.

This year’s lecturers are:

  • Glen Evenbly — Tensor networks
  • Stephanie Simmons — Silicon quantum technologies
  • Sergey Bravyi — Fault-tolerant quantum computation
  • Jason Petta — Spin qubits
  • Matthias Troyers — Quantum chemistry
  • David Reilly — Quantum engineering
  • Krysta Svore — Scalable architectures
  • Stephen Bartlett — Quantum computational phases of matter
  • Andreas Wallraff — Superconducting qubits
  • Gilles Brassard (to be confirmed) — Cryptography in a quantum world

Note that the Institut Quantique is also hosting the International Summer School on Quantum Materials and the École de pointe aux frontières de la physique mésoscopique. Interested students and postdocs can find more information on these schools at