QDev/NBIA Summer School 2018 - Quantum Materials in Condensed Matter Physics

Quantum Materials in Condensed Matter Physics
May 15, 2018

The Center for Quantum Devices and the Niels Bohr International Academy in Copenhagen invite PhD students in experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics for an international summer school on state-of-the-art ideas underlying the field of Quantum Materials. 

his PhD summer course in condensed matter physics will provide a broad introduction to the fundamentals of quantum materials and the new types of phenomena that they may enable. The course will cover both the theoretical concepts underlying quantum materials and devices, and the state-of-the-art in experimental techniques for materials growth and the investigation of novel electronic and optical properties.  

The scientific content is designed to give participants a holistic view of the field, from basic theory to devices and applications. The invited speakers – two theorists and three experimentalists – are all world-renown in their respective areas of 1) materials fundamentals and synthesis, 2) electronic transport, and 3) optics. Their lectures will be coupled with extensive exercise and discussion sessions which allow chances for one-on-one interactions between the students, the speakers, and faculty members from the Center for Quantum Devices and the Niels Bohr International Academy at NBI.  

Registered students are expected to participate in all activities of the course, consisting of lectures, supervised exercise sessions, and discussions between students and teachers.


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