Experimental Systems Engineer - PsiQuantum, Palo Alto

May 11, 2023

YQI alumni Vijay Jain is sharing with us this job opening in his current company:

PsiQuantum is a Palo Alto company responsible for integrating all aspects of quantum computer development, including design, hardware, and controls, into a working experiment where we test drive the quantum physics in real-time. They are looking to hire an energetic, motivated research engineer/physicist (especially with backgrounds in quantum optics), who will be responsible for the design and execution of experiments for the world’s first fault-tolerant quantum computer. The candidate will collaborate across quantum information, optics, electronics, cryogenics, and software disciplines to develop and validate quantum systems. The successful candidate will interface broadly with PsiQuantum’s engineering teams to ensure integrated systems are executed economically, by driving test requirements and objectives.

The role appeals to individuals who can design rigorous experimental tests of quantum optics, manage multiple stakeholders, and communicate effectively.  would be more than happy to chat with anyone interested.

Experimental Systems Engineer: https://psiquantum.com/jobdetail?gh_jid=5596843003