Charles D. Brown II receives Young Investigator Program award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

January 2, 2024

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research, or AFOSR, the basic research arm of the Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, will award approximately $21.5 million in grants to 48 scientists and engineers from 36 institutions and businesses in 20 states under the fiscal year 2024 Young Investigator Program, or YIP. According to Ellen Robinson, AFOSR YIP program manager, AFOSR received 159 proposals for FY24 funding.  

Amongst the successful proposal, YQI member Charles Brown receives a three-year grant for his group research on “Exploring Exotic Transport Properties of Quasicrystals Using Ultracold Atoms in an Optical Decagonal Quasicrystal Lattice”. 

More information about AFRL and the full list of recipients  can be found here