Celebrate World Quantum Day on April 14 with events all day

April 14, 2023

We are delighted to celebrate this year again World Quantum Day, an international, community-driven event on April 14 to spark interest and generate enthusiasm for quantum mechanics and celebrate the field of quantum science. 

This year, we will host 4 events on Friday to make this special day.

8:30 to 9:30 am - WQD Kick-off breakfast
To celebrate World Quantum Day and kickoff the series of events on campus today, drop in anytime during the hour to  come have breakfast with your colleagues at YQI.

11 am - Journal Club - Quantum Edition
Samantha Pagan leads a discussion on the paper “Correlated charge noise and relaxation errors in superconducting qubits” at the Wright Lab and on Zoom

12 pm - Stewart Smith: Graphic design for quantum pioneers (lunch provided)
YQI Artist-in-Residence and Digital Artist Stewart Smith will share with you his design expertise to help you better communicate your science. By correctly using text, imagery, layout, visual hierarchy, you will be able to guide your audience through the levels on information you are attempting to convey. 

4 pm - Collaborative Brainstorming - Light Installation and Quantum Science
YQI students and researchers are invited to come brainstorm ideas with Stewart and Florian around snacks and beverages on how to incorporate quantum concepts into a compelling temporary light installation on the New Haven Green for the Arts and Ideas Festival.

We hope you will enjoy this special day!