Beyond Moores Law

January 23, 2015

President Salovey attended the World Economic Forum at Davos for the second time. This year accompanied by applied physics professor Robert Schoelkopf, economics professor and 2013 Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, and economics professor Aleh Tsyvinski to represent Yale alongside him. They will moderate panels, give lectures and attend other WEF social events.

Schoelkopf, for example, will be a panelist in two sessions and will give a short lecture on the quantum computer he is working on at Yale. Though Schoelkopf said a commercially viably quantum computer — which uses quantum bits as opposed to binary bits to compute — may still be 10-15 years away, the past decade of research has resulted in significant progress.

“We’re starting to think about the things we learned in the lab to build up potential for the next generation of computing,” Schoelkopf said. “[WEF] is a time when we’re trying to reach outside the scientific specialists and outside of this field into a broader audience.”

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