The 2019 AAU Campus Sexual Climate Survey

February 21, 2019

If you are a Yale student—graduate, undergraduate, or professional—you should have received an invitation in your email from President Salovey asking you to take part in the 2019 Campus Sexual Climate Survey. This confidential survey asks about students’ perceptions and experiences of sexual misconduct, campus resources and support, and bystander intervention. The results will help guide Yale’s strategies for addressing sexual misconduct. The strength of those findings, though, will depend on you!  Please, check your inbox and fill out the survey now. (The links are unique, so each person has to find the email in their own inbox.) Yale will report on the results in Fall 2019. For more details about the survey and Yale’s resources, please see For information, advocacy, and support, contact SHARE (203-432-2000) at any time.