Principal MBE Engineer - Microsoft Station Q Delft

Microsoft is researching the future of Quantum Computing, including theory, hardware, and software. Since starting with Station Q in Santa Barbara, California, Microsoft’s Quantum Computing effort has expanded to include Redmond, Washington with the quantum architecture and algorithms group (QuarC), and also Station Q Delft among other worldwide locations. We are on the cusp of an accelerated effort in quantum computing and this position is an opportunity to get in at the start of this new intense phase.

We are seeking a Molecular Beam Epitaxy Operations Engineer at Station Q Delft, in TU Delft, Netherlands. Station Q Delft is focused on the research and development of topological superconductor-semiconductor devices forming the basis of a quantum computer.

The successful candidate will operate, maintain, and develop new growth heterostructures and processes in a multi-chamber molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system that combines arsenide- and antimonide-based III-V semiconductor growth with in-situ superconductor deposition. This system was specifically designed to develop new physical platforms for topological quantum computation. 

The successful candidate must have:

*A minimum experience of 3 years of MBE growth of III-V semiconductor materials

*Familiarity and experience with structural characterization techniques including atomic force microscopy, high resolution x-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy

*Familiarity with electron transport characterization techniques

*An advanced degree (MS, MEng, or PhD) in materials science, physics, electrical engineering or allied discipline

*Background in semiconductor physics

*Successful candidates must demonstrate meticulous attention to detail combined with creativity, and a willingness to work in a dynamic team environment

The ideal candidate will additionally have:

*5 or more years experience with MBE growth of arsenide and antimonide semiconductor materials

*Extensive experience with structural characterization techniques, including TEM

*Extensive experience with cryogenic transport characterization techniques

*A PhD degree in materials science, physics or electrical engineering specializing in semiconductors

*Background in superconductor physics

*Industry MBE growth experience

*Experience leading a team of support personnel

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Monday, August 14, 2017