YQI/Franke Nontechnical Talk - Werner Sun

Event time: 
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Sloane Physics Laboratory Auditorium 59 See map
217 Prospect St
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Taking a Random Walk: a scientific approach to art

Join us for the 10th talk of Yale Quantum Institute series of nontechnical talks aiming to bring a new regard to quantum physics and STEM by having experts cast new light on often-overlooked aspects of scientific work. For this event, we will investigate science and art with visual artist Werner Sun.

As two ways of knowing the world, art and science have been labeled either as diametric opposites or as strange bedfellows. Can both descriptions be correct? Ithaca-based visual artist with exhibitions in north America, Werner Sun discusses how his background in physics informs his work with sculpted images, in order to spark a conversation about the intersection of art and science.

Talk open to all and will be accessible to students, researchers, the wider university public and the New Haven Community. This event is co-sponsored by The Franke Program in Science and the Humanities

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