YQI/Franke Nontechnical Talk Series: Serena Scapagnini

Event time: 
Monday, June 10, 2024 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Yale Community
General Public
Wu Tsai Institute (Room 1116) See map
100 College Street
Event description: 

Join us for the 18th talk of Yale Quantum Institute series of nontechnical talks aiming to bring a new regard to quantum physics and STEM by having experts cast new light on often-overlooked aspects of scientific work.

The Shape of Thoughts: down the flowing river of tributaries neurons

Serena Scapagnini is an Italian Visual Artist and Art Historian, whose artistic research focuses on neurons. For the last ten years, she worked in collaboration with Professor Michael Higley, neuroscientist at Yale School of Medicine, with SYNAPSES, a project dedicated to the mind. Using fluorescent neuroimaging techniques to visualize neurons, her media works define an interior landscape, following the flow of neurons like the tributaries of a river connecting through synapses, forming the shapes of our thoughts. Using paper as her preferred medium, Serena’s application of paint is dense and stratified on one part of the picture and grows into ethereal forms rarefying and allow the dendritic branches to dissolve into the white face of the paper. 

For this event, Serena and Michael will be in conversation moderated by Florian Carle, exploring their collaboration and shared research, through ten years of brain images, reflections, works of art.