YQI Talk - Xinghan Guo - UChicago

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Monday, January 15, 2024 - 10:00am to 11:00am
YQI Researchers
YQI Seminar Room See map
Event description: 

Advancing quantum technologies with integrated diamond membrane platform

Color centers in diamond, including nitrogen-vacancy (NV), silicon-vacancy (SiV), germanium-vacancy (GeV), and tin-vacancy (SnV), are prime candidates for quantum technologies with many landmark demonstrations covering quantum networking, hybrid quantum systems and quantum sensing. Future development of color center studies posts an increasing need for diamond-based material heterostructures to address several key elements, including material availability, nanofabrication compatibility, device integration and scalability.

My research is focused on developing a deterministic and scalable heterogeneous material platform with sub-┬Ám diamond membranes. With pristine surface morphology and crystallinity, the synthesized membranes are ideal hosts for color center qubits. The platform also offers flexible transfer and bonding options with a variety of carrier candidates. The fabrication process is tailored to be compatible with standard semiconductor nanofabrication for industrialized diamond-based heterostructure manufacturing.

The diamond membrane platform has exhibited great potential in quantum technologies since developed. I will discuss a few demonstrations, including NV centers for quantum bio-sensing and imaging, diamond nanophotonic cavities with state-of-the-art quality factors, SnV coherence improvement with microwave spin manipulation via strain engineering, and charge state control of carbon vacancies via nearby GeV centers. This platform also brings huge excitement to the entire diamond community and has inspired numerous ideas and thoughts across quantum technology and beyond.

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