Call for proposals - Art at YQI

Empty Wall at YQI
October 7, 2016
About the Institute

The Yale Quantum Institute was founded to enhance Yale’s leadership in the field of quantum science and technology.  It serves as a forum to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers at Yale in the field of quantum information physics, quantum control, quantum measurement, and quantum many-body physics. The Institute also runs an active visitors program to bring in quantum information scientists from leading institutions worldwide, and hosts conferences and workshops in sub-fields relating to its core mission.

About the project

The entrance of the institute is a bare wall which look empty considering the color of the hallway and the lighting. We would like to feature a piece of art which is quantum physics themed or inspired (for more information about quantum physics and visuals, visit the visualization page or email Art pieces unrelated to quantum physics will be considered as well if the subject is somehow inspired by science, New Haven or Yale.


The artist is free to choose the medium and the format of the art. The piece should fit in the space (length 105 in, height 94 in, and width 12 in) and the door on the right of the wall must remain completely clear once the art piece is installed. Ideally, the piece should fit behind the furniture in the sitting area.

Proposal and qualifications

This call for proposal is intended for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Yale and New Haven based artists.

Your proposal should include:

  1. Contact Information (name, address, email, phone)
  2. A short bio (precise the Yale affiliation if appropriate)
  3. Project description, including a budget for the material and a time frame
  4. Preliminary visuals (sketch, diagram, rendering…)
  5. List of equipment and other resources required

Send your proposal by email to or by mail at YQI – Suite 436, Po Box 208.33417 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven CT 06511.

All the proposals will be reviewed by a committee formed of YQI members.

The selected artist will have a budget of $5000, including material cost and artist compensation for their work, to realize the art piece for the institute.

Time frame

Call for proposal ends: November 31, 2016

Art installation: early 2017