The Yale Quantum Institute in the News

Nature 541 - January 3, 2017

Google, Microsoft and a host of labs and start-ups are racing to turn scientific curiosities into working machines. Quantum computing has long seemed like one of those technologies that are 20 years away, and always will be. But 2017 could be the year that the field sheds its research-only image.

Yale SEAS News - September 21, 2016

Go to a particular spot outside the Oyster Bar in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, and murmur very softly into the corner. Dozens of feet away, you can still be heard clearly.It’s known as a whispering gallery, a phenomenon in which sound waves of certain frequencies travel along curved surfaces...

Physics APS - September 16, 2016

A new device that can potentially be scaled up for quantum computing converts visible light to infrared light suitable for fiber-optic transmission without destroying the light’s quantum state.    

Applied Physics Letters - September 12, 2016

An article from the RSL group is selected as the front cover of the latest Applied Physics Letters (12 September 2016 issue). The paper titled, “Suspending superconducting qubits by silicon micromachining”, by Yiwen Chu, Christoper Axline, Chen Wang, Teresa Brecht, Yvonne Gao, LuigiFrunzio and...

Yale News - July 25, 2016

Yale physicists have created something similar to a Moebius strip of moving energy between two vibrating objects, opening the door to novel forms of control over waves in acoustics, laser optics, and quantum mechanics. The discovery also demonstrates that a century-old physics theorem offers much...