Spring Semester Class - Quantum Many-Body Theory I

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January 11, 2017

Class: Quantum Many-Body Theory I by Leonid Glazman
PHYS 610/APHY610
Spring 2017 – Tue, Thu 11:35-12:50, Room SPL 63

I intend to concentrate on the basic notions and phenomena rather than on details of various techniques, and anticipate to cover:

  • identical particles, fermions and bosons; second quantization *electron tunneling and spectral function, electric conductance *screening of long-range interactions
  • dielectric response; collective modes and absorption spectra *Fermi liquid; Cooper and Stoner instabilities; notion of magnetism and basics of superconductivity
  • Josephson effect and Majorana fermions in condensed matter; superconducting qubits
  • Bose-Einstein condensation; quasiparticles and solitons
  • Quantum phase transitions

The prerequisite for the course is the knowledge of elementary quantum mechanics and statistical physics (this course may be taken in parallel with Stat Mech I and Quantum Mechanics II).

Light homework and final exam will provide the basis for the course grade.