Registration for CircuitQED@20 is now open

September 20, 2023

The registration to attend CircuitQED@20, a celebration of the 20 years of circuit quantum electrodynamics, is now open

As space is limited, please register as early as possible. The registration will close once we reach the capacity of the auditorium, first come, first served. A registration fee of $100 will be required during the registration process. 

Attendees will have the option to register for a poster presentation during the registration process.


The conference

2024 marks the 20 year anniversary of the publications “Strong coupling of a single photon to a superconducting qubit using circuit quantum electrodynamics” in Nature and “Cavity quantum electrodynamics for superconducting electrical circuits: An architecture for quantum computation” in Physics Review A in 2004.

We invite you to a celebration of the 20 years of circuit quantum electrodynamics, at Yale University’s campus in New Haven, CT, USA, from January 10 to 12, 2024.

The speakers

  • Patrice Bertet, CEA Saclay
  • Alexandre Blais, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Yiwen Chu, ETH Zurich
  • Nathalie de Leon, Princeton University
  • Per Delsing, Chalmers University
  • Michel Devoret, Yale University / Google
  • Leo DiCarlo, TU Delft
  • Jay Gambetta, IBM
  • Yvonne Gao, National University of Singapore
  • Steven Girvin, Yale University
  • Andrew Houck, Princeton University
  • Archana Kamal, UMass Lowell
  • Konrad Lehnert, JILA
  • Vladimir Manucharyan, EPFL
  • Yasunobu Nakamura, RIKEN/University of Tokyo
  • Will Oliver, MIT
  • Shruti Puri, Yale University
  • Gerhard Rempe, Max Planck Institute
  • Rob Schoelkopf, Yale University
  • David Schuster, Stanford University
  • Luyan Sun, Tsinghua University
  • John Teufel, NIST
  • Lieven Vandersypen, TU Delft
  • Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zurich

We are looking forward to welcoming you in New Haven this winter! 

- Alexandre Blais
- Andrew Houck
- Jens Koch
- David Schuster
- Andreas Wallraff

- Florian Carle
- Luigi Frunzio
- Steve Girvin
- Racquel Miller

For all questions relative to this event, please email