ITAMP/B2 Institute Winter Graduate School - Quantum Information Fundamentals and Applications

October 20, 2016

The 6th ITAMP/B2 Institute Winter Graduate School on AMO Physics will be held from January 4-11, 2017, on the campus of the Biosphere 2 in Arizona. This year’s topic is on “Quantum Information: Fundamentals and Applications”. Students and postdocs are encouraged to attend this school.  

A stellar faculty has been assembled for this purpose. The idyllic confines of the B2 campus in the Catalina mountains allow for many close encounters between students and lecturers; in the cafeteria, during the lectures, in the wide-open afternoon periods, and in the casitas’ common areas. Astronomy buffs would doubly enjoy the milky-way night skies.

Invited Lecturers
Paola Cappellaro (MIT)
Steve Girvin (Yale)
Markus Greiner (Harvard)
Wolfgang Lechner (Innsbruck)
Seth Lloyd (MIT)
Misha Lukin (Harvard)
Chris Monroe (JQI - UMD)
Matthias Troyer (Microsoft)
Susanne Yelin (UConn & Harvard)

All sorts of information on the school, list of faculty, accommodation
and how to register are here.