January 2017 News

flyer for summer school
January 31, 2017
The Institut Quantique at the Université de Sherbrooke is hosting from May 28th to June 9th 2017 the Sixteenth Canadian Summer School on Quantum...
January 30, 2017
For those interested in the ITAMP/B2 Winter School lectures, a playlist of all the recorded lectures is available on YouTube.
Class visual
January 11, 2017
Class: Quantum Many-Body Theory I by Leonid Glazman PHYS 610/APHY610 Spring 2017 – Tue, Thu 11:35-12:50, Room SPL 63 I intend to concentrate...
Cargese, Corsica, France
January 4, 2017
Spatio-Temporal Control of Waves: From Imaging to Sensing - April 24th - 28th, 2017 Institut d’Études Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corsica, France...